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Arizona Stairs Inc, Wood, Iron, Modern, Stainless Steel, Cable and Glass Railing System Specialists


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Custom Stair Railings - Custom Wood & Iron Stair Railings - Spiral Stair Systems

Custom Wood and Iron Stair RailingsUpdating your home's rail system is a great way to increase the value and change the overall appearance of your home. Replace old or worn railing systems with a new wood or metal baluster. Open up a room, loft or stair area by replacing a half wall with a beautiful rail system. Arizona Stairs, Inc. offers a wide variety of products and materials that can accommodate a budget. Consider skirt board, kick board or wall treads to really make your stairway stand out.

Quality and customer satisfaction have always been our number one priority. Each rail system is custom built at your home to guarantee a proper fit and clean installation. We pride ourselves on our comprehensive installation methods and superior craftsmanship.

Wood Railings: A stain grade wooden baluster is timeless and offers a rich addition to any home. Choose from a clean, square mission spindle, to a turned traditional or twisted spindle, to name a few. We stock poplar, oak, beech, alder, maple and cherry products.

Wood and Iron Rail Systems: Combining an iron baluster with a stain grade wood rail is a great choice for any remodel. Titan Stairs offers great pricing and a wide selection of wrought iron balusters. This is the most popular selection for remodels.

Modern Rail Systems: If traditional is not your style, choose a horizontal wood, stainless steel or cold rolled rail system. This is a great way to modernize your home or loft.

Glass Rail System: Glass Rail Systems offer both a unique and modern look. Sleek glass can be installed with either stainless steel or wooden hardware. A glass system will open up your space while letting in the natural light.

Spiral Stair System: For those tight quarters a spiral staircase may be necessary. We offer interior wood spiral staircases.

Stair railing upgrades

Volutes: A volute is a spiral or curved part that connects railing at the first step of your stair case. Volutes typically make a stairway look warm and inviting. The use of a stair fitting like a volute will add craftsmanship and beauty to a home. Not every stair will accommodate a volute, so please discuss with your Representative. Please click link for photos…

Skirt Board: Skirt board is wood that is installed on the outside wall of the railing system. Skirt is added to the wall, underneath the lower part of the rail. This is a nice feature that will add detail and give your stair more depth. Skirt board is our most popular upgrade. Please click link for photos…

Kick Board: Kick board is wood that is installed on the inside wall(s) of the railing system. Kick adds the same dimension as skirt, just on the inside. Kick will also protect those inside walls from scuffs and shoe damage. Please click link for photos…

End Treads and Wall Treads: End and Wall Treads are applied directly to you stair tread. This is a common upgrade for those that prefer carpet with wood or a “carpet runner” effect. As the name implies, wall treads are installed on the wall side of a stair. End Treads are installed on open or “saw tooth” stairs. Please talk to your Representative for more details. Click link for photos…

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